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AdMall Pro

While AdMall is fully integrated into SalesTouch, AdMall PRO is available as a powerful upgrade. With AdMall PRO, you can create dynamic sales presentations, proposals, and marketing materials right within SalesTouch. Consumer spending and retail sales mapping allows you to add another dynamic feature to your sales proposals.
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The Big-Ask

How much should a sales rep ask for from an advertiser? Reps "under-ask" consistently. The Big-Ask sales program implemented by K Group consistently produces 20 to 30 times the investment by helping sales reps determine how much they should ask for. The Big-Ask program can include property specific: Results Thresholds, Momentum Pricing and Momentum Makeovers.
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This innovative, online sales training+development platform contains 12 of Jeffrey Gitomer's books recorded on video with interactive questions, 25 webinars, and hours of Jeffrey's real-world practical sales information, strategies, and ideas. GitomerVT is ongoing sales motivation and personal inspiration - with new Power Lessons added weekly - available 24/7/365 on your PC, tablet, and/or smartphone.
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AdMall and SalesTouch Training

K Group and Sales Development Services provide on-site programs for even greater impact. Programs include: SalesTouch Launch, SalesTouch Training, Management Consulting, AdMall 101, and Revenue Rally advertiser events.
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SalesTouch Custom Reports

Although SalesTouch comes with a full portfolio of standard reports included, each media company is unique with unique needs. That's why we offer custom programming services for forms and reports. There's no programming to learn. Just tell us what data you want reported, how you want it presented and get a quote.
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Full "Sales Momentum" predicitve analytics
dashboard focuses AEs on the accounts
that will most impact your bottom line.
Full AdMall PRO® brings business intelligence,
media sales opportunities and presentations
just one touch away.
Full Diagnosis Call integration takes needs
analysis to the next level with intelligent
questions and local market data.
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